Gemini API Firebase Extensions

Firebase is an app development platform backed by Google and trusted by millions of developers around the world. If you're a Firebase developer interested in using the Gemini API to add features to applications, there are several Firebase extensions to help you do so. These are pre-packaged solutions that help you deploy new capabilities to your app quickly.

Build Chatbot with the Gemini API

The Build Chatbot with the Gemini API extension lets you establish and manage interactive conversations between your users and large language models through the Gemini API, using Cloud Firestore as the database. A collection in Cloud Firestore represents each chat. The extension monitors the collection of new messages, then queries the Gemini API for a suitable response, considering the chat's previous messages as context.

By integrating the Build Chatbot with the Gemini API extension, you can efficiently create chatbot applications, enhancing user experience and interaction while saving time and effort on custom code development.

Multimodal Tasks with the Gemini API

The Multimodal Tasks with the Gemini API extension lets you perform language tasks on data in Firestore, using a text prompt and, optionally, an image.

You configure each instance of the extension to perform one particular task. If you have multiple tasks, you can install multiple instances.

For example, you could use this extension to:

  • Predict star ratings on a collection of product reviews.
  • Classify customer feedback as positive, negative, or neutral.
  • Summarize long articles.
  • Extract named entities from text.
  • Generate creative text, such as poems or code.