Google AI Edge

On-device AI for mobile, web, and embedded applications

Generative AI, running on-device

MediaPipe LLM Inference API

Run LLMs completely on-device and perform a wide range of tasks, such as generating text, retrieving information in natural language form, and summarizing documents. The API provides built-in support for multiple text-to-text large language models, so you can apply the latest on-device generative AI models to your apps and products. Learn more

Torch Generative API

Author high performance LLMs in PyTorch, then convert them to run on-device using the TensorFlow Lite (TFLite) runtime. Learn more.

Gemini Nano

Access our most efficient Gemini model for on-device tasks via Android AICore. Coming soon to Chrome.

Why deploy ML on edge devices?

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Skip the server round trip for easy, fast, real-time media processing.

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Perform inference locally, without sensitive data leaving the device.

No Money


Use on-device compute resources and save on server costs.

No Wifi

Offline availability

No network connection, no problem.