Gemma Open Models

A family of lightweight, state-of-the art open models built from the same research and technology used to create the Gemini models

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Responsible by design

Incorporating comprehensive safety measures, these models help ensure responsible and trustworthy AI solutions through curated datasets and rigorous tuning.

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Unmatched performance at size

Gemma models achieve exceptional benchmark results at its 2B, 7B, 9B, and 27B sizes, even outperforming some larger open models.

Framework flexible

Framework flexible

With Keras 3.0, enjoy seamless compatibility with JAX, TensorFlow, and PyTorch, empowering you to effortlessly choose and switch frameworks depending on your task.

Responsible AI Development

Responsibility by Design

Pre-trained on carefully curated data and tuned for safety on top, helping to empower safe and responsible AI development based with Gemma models.

Robust and Transparent Evaluation

Comprehensive evaluations and transparent reporting unveil model limitations to adopt a responsible approach for each use case.

Powering Responsible Development

The Responsible Generative AI Toolkit supports developers to design and implement Responsible AI best practices.

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Optimized for Google Cloud

With Gemma models on Google Cloud, you can deeply customize the model to your specific needs with Vertex AI's fully-managed tools or GKE’s self-managed option and deploy it to flexible and cost-efficient AI-optimized infrastructure.

Accelerating academic research with Google Cloud credits

Advance your research with Gemma 2 models in Google Cloud. This new wave of open models extends our support for cutting-edge research. Apply now to receive Google Cloud credits to push the boundaries of your research and contribute to the advancement of the scientific community.

Selected researchers will receive Google Cloud credits to accelerate their scientific endeavors.

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