PaLM API Firebase Extensions

Firebase is an app development platform backed by Google and trusted by millions of developers around the world. If you're a Firebase developer interested in using the PaLM API to build natural language applications, there are several Firebase Extensions to make it easy for you. These are pre-packaged solutions that help you deploy functionality to your app quickly.

Summarize text

The Summarize Text Firebase Extension is an AI-powered tool designed to generate summaries for various applications. This extension is a handy way for developers to use the PaLM API as easily as possible, and a good place to get started.

Create a chatbot

The Chatbot with PaLM API Firebase Extension enables developers to establish and manage interactive conversations between users and large language models through the PaLM API, using Cloud Firestore as the database. A collection in Cloud Firestore represents each chat. The extension monitors the collection of new messages, then queries the PaLM API for a suitable response, considering the chat's previous messages as context.

By integrating the Chatbot with PaLM API extension, developers can efficiently create chatbot applications, enhancing user experience and interaction while saving time and effort on custom code development.

Call PaLM API Securely

The Call PaLM API Securely Firebase Extension offers secure API endpoints, protected by App Check, which allow developers to interact with the PaLM API from their Firebase apps. The deployed endpoint functions as a thin wrapper, enabling developers to send the same request body as they would when directly accessing the PaLM API.

This extension stores the API key as a secret in Cloud Secret Manager, allowing the API endpoint to access it directly without including it in the request. The API endpoints are deployed as Firebase Callable functions, requiring users to be signed in as a Firebase Auth user to call the functions from their client applications successfully.

By using the Call PaLM API Securely extension, developers can streamline the process of securely interacting with the PaLM API while saving time and effort on custom code development.

Language Tasks with PaLM API

The Language Tasks with PaLM API Firebase Extension enables developers to perform diverse text-based tasks, such as translation, classification, summarization, named entity recognition, and creative text generation, using the PaLM API. Users define a custom prompt, Firestore collection path, and the extension monitors pre-specified collections for new documents. Upon detecting a new document, the extension replaces document variables with handlebar templates, queries the PaLM API based on the given prompt, and writes the response back to the triggering document in a configurable response field.

Developers can install multiple instances of the Language Tasks with PaLM API extension for different tasks, with each instance configured for a specific task.

By incorporating this extension, developers can streamline the process of performing language tasks in their applications, improving the functionality and user experience while saving time and effort on custom code development.