Calls the API and returns a types.Completion containing the response.

model Which model to call, as a string or a types.Model.
prompt Free-form input text given to the model. Given a prompt, the model will generate text that completes the input text.
temperature Controls the randomness of the output. Must be positive. Typical values are in the range: [0.0,1.0]. Higher values produce a more random and varied response. A temperature of zero will be deterministic.
candidate_count The maximum number of generated response messages to return. This value must be between [1, 8], inclusive. If unset, this will default to 1.

max_output_tokens Maximum number of tokens to include in a candidate. Must be greater than zero. If unset, will default to 64.
top_k The API uses combined nucleus and top-k sampling. top_k sets the maximum number of tokens to sample from on each step.
top_p The API uses combined nucleus and top-k sampling. top_p configures the nucleus sampling. It sets the maximum cumulative probability of tokens to sample from. For example, if the sorted probabilities are [0.5, 0.2, 0.1, 0.1, 0.05, 0.05] a top_p of 0.8 will sample as [0.625, 0.25, 0.125, 0, 0, 0].
safety_settings A list of unique types.SafetySetting instances for blocking unsafe content. These will be enforced on the prompt and candidates. There should not be more than one setting for each types.SafetyCategory type. The API will block any prompts and responses that fail to meet the thresholds set by these settings. This list overrides the default settings for each SafetyCategory specified in the safety_settings. If there is no types.SafetySetting for a given SafetyCategory provided in the list, the API will use the default safety setting for that category.
stop_sequences A set of up to 5 character sequences that will stop output generation. If specified, the API will stop at the first appearance of a stop sequence. The stop sequence will not be included as part of the response.
client If you're not relying on a default client, you pass a glm.TextServiceClient instead.

A types.Completion containing the model's text completion response.