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Gooogle AI Studio lets you start working with Gemini API with no setup required. Access the whole Gemini model family and put your ideas into code right now.

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Solve complex reasoning problems with a model designed to balance flexibility, speed, and cost efficiency.
Reduce big data down to human scale. Analyze and understand data with large token context windows.
Combine text, images, video, and audio to create rich data contexts and solve complex reasoning problems.

Explore Gemini API capabilities

Discover how to create custom AI behavior, interact with existing systems, and reason over your content with Gemini API.
Modify the behavior of Gemini models to adapt to specific tasks, recognize data, and solve problems. Tune models with your own data to fit your specific needs and share them with your team.
Translate plain language into code or structured data with Gemini API's Function Calling. Map requests to specific programming code calls using the power of artificial intelligence language understanding and intent transformation.
Harness the power of AI language encoding to find content, answer questions, augment content generation, classify data, and map random requests to specific actions. Use text embeddings to power a variety of solutions for your organization and customers.
Begin your development journey with the Gemini API quickstart guide. Grab an API key from Google AI Studio and start coding!