A dataclass representation of a glm.Model.

name The resource name of the Model. Format: models/{model} with a {model} naming convention of: "{base_model_id}-{version}". For example: models/chat-bison-001.
base_model_id The base name of the model. For example: chat-bison.
version The major version number of the model. For example: 001.
display_name The human-readable name of the model. E.g. "Chat Bison". The name can be up to 128 characters long and can consist of any UTF-8 characters.
description A short description of the model.
input_token_limit Maximum number of input tokens allowed for this model.
output_token_limit Maximum number of output tokens available for this model.
supported_generation_methods lists which methods are supported by the model. The method names are defined as Pascal case strings, such as generateMessage which correspond to API methods.
temperature Dataclass field
top_p Dataclass field
top_k Dataclass field



temperature None
top_k None
top_p None