This page contains example prompts for the Gemini API in Google AI Studio. For quickstarts and code examples, visit the Gemini API Cookbook on GitHub.
Generate a custom recipe from a photo of what you want to eat.
Get catchy advertising copy tailored to your product and target audience.
Explore a major event from a single image snapshot.
Extract product and brand names from text.
Order common coffee drinks from this virtual barista.
Analyze the sentiment of text messages.
Given a series of shapes, guess which shape comes next.
Write a script in Docker to set up your environment.
Create a character design based on a provided context.
Convert natural language queries and constraints to regex constructs.
Get a description of an object and its uses from a photo.
Get a list of objects in a photo.

Blog post creator

Generate a unique blog post from a single image.
Get help generating a confusion matrix and metrics for your classifier.
Understand the key attributes of the research paper’s methodology.
How do I best care for this plant.
Capture a handwritten letter to Santa and write back as him.
Get recipe ideas based on an image of the ingredients you have on hand.
Change the tone and writing style of a blurb (e.g. make it sound more jovial / professional / conversational).