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AudioClassifier Performs audio classification on audio clips or audio stream. 
AudioClassifier.AudioClassifierOptions Options for setting up and AudioClassifier
AudioClassifier.AudioClassifierOptions.Builder Builder for AudioClassifier.AudioClassifierOptions
AudioClassifierResult Represents the classification results generated by AudioClassifier
AudioData Defines a ring buffer and some utility functions to prepare the input audio samples. 
AudioData.AudioDataFormat Wraps a few constants describing the format of the incoming audio samples, namely number of channels and the sample rate. 
AudioData.AudioDataFormat.Builder Builder for AudioData.AudioDataFormat  
AudioEmbedder Performs audio embedding extraction on audio clips or audio stream. 
AudioEmbedder.AudioEmbedderOptions Options for setting up and AudioEmbedder
AudioEmbedder.AudioEmbedderOptions.Builder Builder for AudioEmbedder.AudioEmbedderOptions
AudioEmbedderResult Represents the embedding results generated by AudioEmbedder


BaseAudioTaskApi The base class of MediaPipe audio tasks. 
BaseOptions Options to configure MediaPipe Tasks in general. 
BaseOptions.Builder Builder for BaseOptions
BaseOptions.DelegateOptions Advanced config options for the used delegate. 
BaseOptions.DelegateOptions.CpuOptions Options for CPU. 
BaseOptions.DelegateOptions.CpuOptions.Builder Builder for BaseOptions.DelegateOptions.CpuOptions
BaseOptions.DelegateOptions.GpuOptions Options for GPU. 
BaseOptions.DelegateOptions.GpuOptions.Builder Builder for BaseOptions.DelegateOptions.GpuOptions
BaseVisionTaskApi The base class of MediaPipe vision tasks. 
BitmapExtractor Utility for extracting Bitmap from MPImage
BitmapImageBuilder Builds MPImage from Bitmap
ByteBufferExtractor Utility for extracting ByteBuffer from MPImage
ByteBufferImageBuilder Builds a MPImage from a ByteBuffer


Category Category is a util class, that contains a category name, its display name, a float value as score, and the index of the label in the corresponding label file. 
ClassificationResult Represents the classification results of a model. 
Classifications Represents the list of classification for a given classifier head. 
ClassifierOptions Classifier options shared across MediaPipe Java classification tasks. 
ClassifierOptions.Builder Builder for ClassifierOptions
Connection Value class representing a landmark connection. 
CosineSimilarity Utility class for computing cosine similarity between Embedding objects. 


Delegate MediaPipe Tasks delegate. 
Detection Represents one detected object in the results of ERROR(/


Embedding Represents the embedding for a given embedder head. 
EmbeddingResult Represents the embedding results of a model. 
ErrorListener Interface for the customizable MediaPipe task error listener. 


FaceDetector Performs face detection on images. 
FaceDetector.FaceDetectorOptions Options for setting up a FaceDetector
FaceDetector.FaceDetectorOptions.Builder Builder for FaceDetector.FaceDetectorOptions
FaceDetectorResult Represents the detection results generated by FaceDetector
FaceLandmarker Performs face landmarks detection on images. 
FaceLandmarker.FaceLandmarkerOptions Options for setting up an FaceLandmarker
FaceLandmarker.FaceLandmarkerOptions.Builder Builder for FaceLandmarker.FaceLandmarkerOptions
FaceLandmarkerResult Represents the face landmarks detection results generated by FaceLandmarker
FaceStylizer Performs face stylization on images. 
FaceStylizer.FaceStylizerOptions Options for setting up an FaceStylizer
FaceStylizer.FaceStylizerOptions.Builder Builder for FaceStylizer.FaceStylizerOptions
FaceStylizerResult Represents the stylized image generated by FaceStylizer


GestureRecognizer Performs gesture recognition on images. 
GestureRecognizer.GestureRecognizerOptions Options for setting up an GestureRecognizer
GestureRecognizer.GestureRecognizerOptions.Builder Builder for GestureRecognizer.GestureRecognizerOptions
GestureRecognizerResult Represents the gesture recognition results generated by GestureRecognizer


HandLandmark The 21 hand landmarks. 
HandLandmark.HandLandmarkType Represents a hand landmark type. 
HandLandmarker Performs hand landmarks detection on images. 
HandLandmarker.HandLandmarkerOptions Options for setting up an HandLandmarker
HandLandmarker.HandLandmarkerOptions.Builder Builder for HandLandmarker.HandLandmarkerOptions
HandLandmarkerResult Represents the hand landmarks deection results generated by HandLandmarker
HolisticLandmarker Performs holistic landmarks detection on images. 
HolisticLandmarker.HolisticLandmarkerOptions Options for setting up an HolisticLandmarker
HolisticLandmarker.HolisticLandmarkerOptions.Builder Builder for HolisticLandmarker.HolisticLandmarkerOptions
HolisticLandmarkerResult Represents the holistic landmarks detection results generated by HolisticLandmarker


ImageClassifier Performs classification on images. 
ImageClassifier.ImageClassifierOptions Options for setting up and ImageClassifier
ImageClassifier.ImageClassifierOptions.Builder Builder for ImageClassifier.ImageClassifierOptions
ImageClassifierResult Represents the classification results generated by ImageClassifier
ImageEmbedder Performs embedding extraction on images. 
ImageEmbedder.ImageEmbedderOptions Options for setting up and ImageEmbedder
ImageEmbedder.ImageEmbedderOptions.Builder Builder for ImageEmbedder.ImageEmbedderOptions
ImageEmbedderResult Represents the embedding results generated by ImageEmbedder
ImageGenerator Performs image generation from a text prompt. 
ImageGenerator.ConditionOptions Options for setting up the conditions types and the plugin models  
ImageGenerator.ConditionOptions.Builder Builder for ImageGenerator.ConditionOptions
ImageGenerator.ConditionOptions.ConditionType The supported condition type. 
ImageGenerator.ConditionOptions.DepthConditionOptions Options for detecting depth image. 
ImageGenerator.ConditionOptions.DepthConditionOptions.Builder Builder for ImageGenerator.ConditionOptions.DepthConditionOptions
ImageGenerator.ConditionOptions.EdgeConditionOptions Options for detecting edge image. 
ImageGenerator.ConditionOptions.EdgeConditionOptions.Builder Builder for ImageGenerator.ConditionOptions.EdgeConditionOptions
ImageGenerator.ConditionOptions.FaceConditionOptions Options for drawing face landmarks image. 
ImageGenerator.ConditionOptions.FaceConditionOptions.Builder Builder for ImageGenerator.ConditionOptions.FaceConditionOptions
ImageGenerator.ImageGeneratorOptions Options for setting up an ImageGenerator
ImageGenerator.ImageGeneratorOptions.Builder Builder for ImageGenerator.ImageGeneratorOptions
ImageGeneratorResult Represents the image generation results generated by ImageGenerator
ImageProcessingOptions Options for image processing. 
ImageProcessingOptions.Builder Builder for ImageProcessingOptions
ImageSegmenter Performs image segmentation on images. 
ImageSegmenter.ImageSegmenterOptions Options for setting up an ImageSegmenter
ImageSegmenter.ImageSegmenterOptions.Builder Builder for ImageSegmenter.ImageSegmenterOptions
ImageSegmenter.SegmentationOptions Options for configuring runtime behavior of ImageSegmenter
ImageSegmenter.SegmentationOptions.Builder Builder for ImageSegmenter.SegmentationOptions  
ImageSegmenterResult Represents the segmentation results generated by ImageSegmenter
InteractiveSegmenter Performs interactive segmentation on images. 
InteractiveSegmenter.InteractiveSegmenterOptions Options for setting up an InteractiveSegmenter
InteractiveSegmenter.InteractiveSegmenterOptions.Builder Builder for InteractiveSegmenter.InteractiveSegmenterOptions
InteractiveSegmenter.RegionOfInterest The Region-Of-Interest (ROI) to interact with. 


Landmark Landmark represents a point in 3D space with x, y, z coordinates. 
LanguageDetector Predicts the language of an input text. 
LanguageDetector.LanguageDetectorOptions Options for setting up a LanguageDetector
LanguageDetector.LanguageDetectorOptions.Builder Builder for LanguageDetector.LanguageDetectorOptions
LanguageDetectorResult Represents the prediction results generated by LanguageDetector
LanguagePrediction A language code and its probability. 
LlmInference LlmInference Task Java API  
LlmInference.LlmInferenceOptions Options for setting up an LlmInference
LlmInference.LlmInferenceOptions.Builder Builder for LlmInference.LlmInferenceOptions


MediaImageBuilder Builds MPImage from Image
MediaImageExtractor Utility for extracting Image from MPImage
MPImage The wrapper class for image objects. 
MPImage.MPImageFormat Specifies the image format of an image. 
MPImage.StorageType Specifies the image container type. 
MPImageConsumer Lightweight abstraction for an object that can receive MPImage  
MPImageProducer Lightweight abstraction for an object that produce MPImage  
MPImageProperties Groups a set of properties to describe how an image is stored. 


NormalizedKeypoint Normalized keypoint represents a point in 2D space with x, y coordinates. 
NormalizedLandmark Normalized Landmark represents a point in 3D space with x, y, z coordinates. 


ObjectDetectionResult This class is deprecated. Use ObjectDetectorResult instead.  
ObjectDetector Performs object detection on images. 
ObjectDetector.ObjectDetectorOptions Options for setting up an ObjectDetector
ObjectDetector.ObjectDetectorOptions.Builder Builder for ObjectDetector.ObjectDetectorOptions
ObjectDetectorResult Represents the detection results generated by ObjectDetector
OutputHandler<OutputT extends TaskResult, InputT> Base class for handling MediaPipe task graph outputs. 
OutputHandler.OutputPacketConverter<OutputT extends TaskResult, InputT> Interface for converting MediaPipe graph output ERROR(/Packet)s to task result object and task input object. 
OutputHandler.ProgressListener<OutputT> Interface for the customizable MediaPipe task result listener that receives partial task updates until it is invoked with `done` set to true
OutputHandler.PureResultListener<OutputT extends TaskResult> Interface for the customizable MediaPipe task result listener that can only retrieve task result objects. 
OutputHandler.ResultListener<OutputT extends TaskResult, InputT> Interface for the customizable MediaPipe task result listener that can retrieve both task result objects and the corresponding input data. 
OutputHandler.ValueListener<OutputT> Interface for the customizable MediaPipe task result listener that only receives a task's output value. 


PoseLandmarker Performs pose landmarks detection on images. 
PoseLandmarker.PoseLandmarkerOptions Options for setting up an PoseLandmarker
PoseLandmarker.PoseLandmarkerOptions.Builder Builder for PoseLandmarker.PoseLandmarkerOptions
PoseLandmarkerResult Represents the pose landmarks deection results generated by PoseLandmarker


RunningMode MediaPipe audio task running mode. 
RunningMode MediaPipe vision task running mode. 


TaskInfo<T extends TaskOptions> TaskInfo contains all needed information to initialize a MediaPipe Task ERROR(/
TaskInfo.Builder<T extends TaskOptions> Builder for TaskInfo
TaskOptions MediaPipe Tasks options base class. 
TaskResult Interface for the MediaPipe Task result. 
TaskRunner The runner of MediaPipe task graphs. 
TasksStatsDummyLogger A dummy MediaPipe Tasks stats logger that has all methods as no-ops. 
TasksStatsLogger The stats logger interface that defines what MediaPipe Tasks events to log. 
TasksStatsLogger.StatsSnapshot Task stats snapshot. 
TextClassifier Performs classification on text. 
TextClassifier.TextClassifierOptions Options for setting up a TextClassifier
TextClassifier.TextClassifierOptions.Builder Builder for TextClassifier.TextClassifierOptions
TextClassifierResult Represents the classification results generated by TextClassifier
TextEmbedder Performs embedding extraction on text. 
TextEmbedder.TextEmbedderOptions Options for setting up a TextEmbedder
TextEmbedder.TextEmbedderOptions.Builder Builder for TextEmbedder.TextEmbedderOptions
TextEmbedderResult Represents the embedding results generated by TextEmbedder