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The girl walked to the store, her pockets full of change. She hopped and skipped and danced her way downtown, change rustling like a tambourine. She had been saving up for weeks, and today she was extremely excited, as it was the day she was finally going to buy a pack of her favorite bubble gum. She couldn't wait to blow the biggest bubbles in the world.

Rewrite this story as a superhero origin story.

Sample responses

Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved bubble gum. She would dream of blowing the biggest bubbles in the world. One day, she was walking to the store to buy a pack of gum when she tripped and fell. Her mouth was full of gum, and when she hit the ground, it shot out of her mouth and blew a giant bubble that floated into the sky. The bubble was so big that it caught the attention of a passing superhero. The superhero was impressed by the girl's bubble-blowing skills, and he decided to take her under his wing and train her to be a superhero herself. The girl was overjoyed, and she quickly learned how to use her bubble-blowing powers to fight crime. She became known as the Bubble-Bee, and she used her powers to help people all over the world.

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