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AudioClassifier Performs classification on audio waveforms. 
AudioClassifier.AudioClassifierOptions Options for setting up an AudioClassifier
AudioClassifier.AudioClassifierOptions.Builder A builder that helps to configure an instance of AudioClassifierOptions. 


BaseOptions Options to configure Task APIs in general. 
BaseOptions.Builder Builder for BaseOptions
BaseTaskApi Base class for Task API, provides shared logic to load/unload native libs to its C++ counterpart. 
BaseVisionTaskApi Base class for Task Vision APIs. 
BaseVisionTaskApi.InferenceProvider<T> Syntax sugar to run vision tasks with FrameBuffer and image processing options. 
BertCluAnnotator API for BERT-based Conversational Language Understanding. 
BertCluAnnotator.BertCluAnnotatorOptions Options for setting up a BertCluAnnotator
BertCluAnnotator.BertCluAnnotatorOptions.Builder Builder for BertCluAnnotator.BertCluAnnotatorOptions
BertNLClassifier Classifier API for NLClassification tasks with Bert models, categorizes string into different classes. 
BertNLClassifier.BertNLClassifierOptions Options to configure BertNLClassifier. 
BertNLClassifier.BertNLClassifierOptions.Builder Builder for BertNLClassifier.BertNLClassifierOptions
BertQuestionAnswerer Returns the most possible answers on a given question for QA models (BERT, Albert, etc.). 
BertQuestionAnswerer.BertQuestionAnswererOptions Options for setting up a BertQuestionAnswerer
BertQuestionAnswerer.BertQuestionAnswererOptions.Builder Builder for BertQuestionAnswerer.BertQuestionAnswererOptions
BitmapExtractor Utility for extracting Bitmap from MlImage
BitmapMlImageBuilder Builds MlImage from Bitmap
BoundingBoxUtil Helper class for converting values that represents bounding boxes into rectangles. 
BoundingBoxUtil.CoordinateType Denotes if the coordinates are actual pixels or relative ratios. 
BoundingBoxUtil.Type Denotes how a bounding box is represented. 
ByteBufferExtractor Utility for extracting ByteBuffer from MlImage
ByteBufferMlImageBuilder Builds a MlImage from a ByteBuffer


CastOp Casts a TensorBuffer to a specified data type. 
Category Category is a util class, contains a label, its display name, a float value as score, and the index of the label in the corresponding label file. 
Classifications The classification results of one head in a multihead (a.k.a. 
Classifications The classification results of one head in a multihead (a.k.a. 
CluRequest The input dialogue history for the BertCluAnnotator
CluResponse The output domain, intent, and slot information for the BertCluAnnotator
CluResponse.CategoricalSlot Represents a categorical slot whose values are within a finite set. 
CluResponse.Mention A single mention. 
CluResponse.MentionedSlot Represents a mentioned slot whose values are open text extracted from the input text. 
ColoredLabel Represents a label associated with a color for display purposes. 
ColorSpaceType Represents the type of color space of an image. 
CompatibilityList GPU Delegate CompatibilityListing data. 
ComputeSettings Options to configure how to accelerate the model inference using dedicated delegates. 
ComputeSettings.Builder Builder for ComputeSettings
ComputeSettings.Delegate TFLite accelerator delegate options. 


DataType Represents the type of elements in a TensorFlow Lite Tensor as an enum. 
Delegate Wrapper for a native TensorFlow Lite Delegate. 
DelegateFactory Allows creating delegates for different runtime flavors. 
DequantizeOp Dequantizes a TensorBuffer with given zeroPoint and scale
Detection Represents one detected object in the results of a ObjectDetector


FileUtil File I/O utilities. 


GpuDelegate Delegate for GPU inference. 
GpuDelegate.Options This class is deprecated. Use GpuDelegateFactory.Options instead.  
GpuDelegateFactory DelegateFactory for creating a GpuDelegate
GpuDelegateFactory.Options Delegate options. 
GpuDelegateFactory.Options.GpuBackend Which GPU backend to select. 


ImageClassifier Performs classification on images. 
ImageClassifier.ImageClassifierOptions Options for setting up an ImageClassifier. 
ImageClassifier.ImageClassifierOptions.Builder A builder that helps to configure an instance of ImageClassifierOptions. 
ImageOperator Operates a TensorImage object. 
ImageProcessingOptions Options to configure the image processing pipeline, which operates before inference. 
ImageProcessingOptions.Builder Builder for ImageProcessingOptions
ImageProcessingOptions.Orientation Orientation type that follows EXIF specification. 
ImageProcessor ImageProcessor is a helper class for preprocessing and postprocessing TensorImage
ImageProcessor.Builder The Builder to create an ImageProcessor, which could be executed later. 
ImageProperties Groups a set of properties to describe how an image is stored. 
ImageProperties Represents the properties of an image object when being loaded to a TensorImage
ImageProperties.Builder Builder for ImageProperties
ImageSearcher Performs similarity search on images. 
ImageSearcher.ImageSearcherOptions Options for setting up an ImageSearcher. 
ImageSearcher.ImageSearcherOptions.Builder Builder for ImageSearcher.ImageSearcherOptions
ImageSegmenter Performs segmentation on images. 
ImageSegmenter.ImageSegmenterOptions Options for setting up an ImageSegmenter
ImageSegmenter.ImageSegmenterOptions.Builder Builder for ImageSegmenter.ImageSegmenterOptions
Interpreter Driver class to drive model inference with TensorFlow Lite. 
Interpreter.Options An options class for controlling runtime interpreter behavior. 
InterpreterApi Interface to TensorFlow Lite model interpreter, excluding experimental methods. 
InterpreterApi.Options An options class for controlling runtime interpreter behavior. 
InterpreterApi.Options.TfLiteRuntime Enum to represent where to get the TensorFlow Lite runtime implementation from. 
InterpreterFactory Factory for constructing InterpreterApi instances. 


KeepForSdk Indicates that this object (class, method, etc) should be retained and not renamed when generating the SDK, but should be allowed to be stripped or renamed in end developer apps. 


LabelAxisOp Labels TensorBuffer with axisLabels for outputs. 
LabelAxisOp.Builder The inner builder class to build a LabelTensor Operator. 
LabelUtil Label operation utils. 


MediaImageExtractor Utility for extracting Image from MlImage
MediaMlImageBuilder Builds MlImage from Image
MetadataExtractor Loads metadata from TFLite Model FlatBuffer. 
MetadataExtractor.QuantizationParams Quantization parameters that corresponds to the table, QuantizationParameters, in the TFLite Model schema file. 
MetadataParser Information about the metadata parser that this metadata extractor library is depending on. 
MlImage Wraps image data for on-device machine learning (ODML) usages. 
MlImage.ImageFormat Specifies the image format of an image. 
MlImage.Internal Advanced API access for MlImage
MlImage.StorageType Specifies the image container type. 
MlImageAdapter Converts MlImage to TensorImage and vice versa. 
Model The wrapper class for a TFLite model and a TFLite interpreter. 
Model.Builder This class is deprecated. Please use Model.createModel(Context, String, Options).  
Model.Device The runtime device type used for executing classification. 
Model.Options Options for running the model. 
Model.Options.Builder Builder of Model.Options


NearestNeighbor Represents the search result of a Searcher model. 
NLClassifier Classifier API for natural language classification tasks, categorizes string into different classes. 
NLClassifier.NLClassifierOptions Options to identify input and output tensors of the model. 
NLClassifier.NLClassifierOptions.Builder Builder for NLClassifier.NLClassifierOptions
NormalizeOp Normalizes a TensorBuffer with given mean and stddev: output = (input - mean) / stddev. 


ObjectDetector Performs object detection on images. 
ObjectDetector.ObjectDetectorOptions Options for setting up an ObjectDetector. 
ObjectDetector.ObjectDetectorOptions.Builder A builder that helps to configure an instance of ObjectDetectorOptions. 
Operator<T> The common interface for classes that carries an "apply" method, which converts T to another one. 
OutputType Output mask type. 


Processor<T> Processes T object with prepared Operator&lt;T&gt;


QaAnswer Answers to QuestionAnswerer
QaAnswer.Pos Position information of the answer relative to context. 
QuantizeOp Quantizes a TensorBuffer with given zeroPoint and scale
QuestionAnswerer API to answer questions based on context. 


ResizeOp As a computation unit for processing images, it can resize an image to user-specified size. 
ResizeOp.ResizeMethod Algorithms for resizing. 
ResizeWithCropOrPadOp As a computation unit for processing images, it could resize image to predefined size. 
Rot90Op Rotates image counter-clockwise. 
RuntimeFlavor Represents a TFLite runtime. 


SearcherOptions Options to configure Searcher API. 
SearcherOptions.Builder Builder for SearcherOptions
Segmentation Represents the segmentation result of an ImageSegmenter
SequentialProcessor<T> A processor base class that chains a serial of Operator&lt;T&gt; and executes them. 


TaskJniUtils JNI utils for Task API. 
TaskJniUtils.EmptyHandleProvider Syntax sugar to get nativeHandle from empty param list. 
TaskJniUtils.FdAndOptionsHandleProvider<T> Syntax sugar to get nativeHandle from file descriptor and options. 
TaskJniUtils.MultipleBuffersHandleProvider Syntax sugar to get nativeHandle from an array of ByteBuffers. 
Tensor A typed multi-dimensional array used in Tensorflow Lite. 
Tensor.QuantizationParams Quantization parameters that corresponds to the table, QuantizationParameters, in the TFLite Model schema file. 
TensorAudio Defines a ring buffer and some utility functions to prepare the input audio samples. 
TensorAudio.TensorAudioFormat Wraps a few constants describing the format of the incoming audio samples, namely number of channels and the sample rate. 
TensorAudio.TensorAudioFormat.Builder Builder for TensorAudio.TensorAudioFormat  
TensorBuffer Represents the data buffer for either a model's input or its output. 
TensorBufferFloat Represents data buffer with float values. 
TensorBufferUint8 Represents data buffer with 8-bit unsigned integer values. 
TensorFlowLite Static utility methods for loading the TensorFlowLite runtime and native code. 
TensorImage TensorImage is the wrapper class for Image object. 
TensorLabel TensorLabel is an util wrapper for TensorBuffers with meaningful labels on an axis. 
TensorOperator Applies some operation on TensorBuffers. 
TensorOperatorWrapper The adapter that makes a TensorOperator able to run with TensorImage. 
TensorProcessor TensorProcessor is a helper class for preprocessing and postprocessing tensors. 
TensorProcessor.Builder The Builder to create an TensorProcessor, which could be executed later. 
TextSearcher Performs similarity search on text string. 
TextSearcher.TextSearcherOptions Options for setting up an TextSearcher. 
TextSearcher.TextSearcherOptions.Builder Builder for TextSearcher.TextSearcherOptions
TfLiteAudio Entry point for the TensorFlow Lite (TFLite) Tasks Audio API provided by Google Play services. 
TfLiteText Entry point for the TensorFlow Lite (TFLite) Tasks Text API provided by Google Play services. 
TransformToGrayscaleOp Transforms an image to GrayScale as an image processing unit. 


ValidatedAccelerationConfig Interface specifying validated acceleration configuration.