Request to generate a completion from the model.

model str

Required. The name of the Model to use for generating the completion.

Format: name=models/{model}.


Optional. Developer set system instruction. Currently, text only.

contents MutableSequence[]

Required. The content of the current conversation with the model. For single-turn queries, this is a single instance. For multi-turn queries, this is a repeated field that contains conversation history + latest request.

tools MutableSequence[]

Optional. A list of Tools the model may use to generate the next response.

A Tool is a piece of code that enables the system to interact with external systems to perform an action, or set of actions, outside of knowledge and scope of the model. The only supported tool is currently Function.


Optional. Tool configuration for any Tool specified in the request.

safety_settings MutableSequence[]

Optional. A list of unique SafetySetting instances for blocking unsafe content.

This will be enforced on the GenerateContentRequest.contents and GenerateContentResponse.candidates. There should not be more than one setting for each SafetyCategory type. The API will block any contents and responses that fail to meet the thresholds set by these settings. This list overrides the default settings for each SafetyCategory specified in the safety_settings. If there is no SafetySetting for a given SafetyCategory provided in the list, the API will use the default safety setting for that category. Harm categories HARM_CATEGORY_HATE_SPEECH, HARM_CATEGORY_SEXUALLY_EXPLICIT, HARM_CATEGORY_DANGEROUS_CONTENT, HARM_CATEGORY_HARASSMENT are supported.


Optional. Configuration options for model generation and outputs.