A simple dataclass used to configure the generation parameters of GenerativeModel.generate_content.

candidate_count Number of generated responses to return.
stop_sequences The set of character sequences (up to 5) that will stop output generation. If specified, the API will stop at the first appearance of a stop sequence. The stop sequence will not be included as part of the response.
max_output_tokens The maximum number of tokens to include in a candidate.

If unset, this will default to output_token_limit specified in the model's specification.

temperature Controls the randomness of the output. Note: The default value varies by model, see the Model.temperature attribute of the Model returned the genai.get_model function.

Values can range from [0.0,1.0], inclusive. A value closer to 1.0 will produce responses that are more varied and creative, while a value closer to 0.0 will typically result in more straightforward responses from the model.

top_p Optional. The maximum cumulative probability of tokens to consider when sampling.

The model uses combined Top-k and nucleus sampling.

Tokens are sorted based on their assigned probabilities so that only the most likely tokens are considered. Top-k sampling directly limits the maximum number of tokens to consider, while Nucleus sampling limits number of tokens based on the cumulative probability.

top_k int

Optional. The maximum number of tokens to consider when sampling.

The model uses combined Top-k and nucleus sampling.

Top-k sampling considers the set of top_k most probable tokens. Defaults to 40.

response_mime_type Optional. Output response mimetype of the generated candidate text.

Supported mimetype: text/plain: (default) Text output. application/json: JSON response in the candidates.

response_schema Optional. Specifies the format of the JSON requested if response_mime_type is application/json.



candidate_count None
max_output_tokens None
response_mime_type None
response_schema None
stop_sequences None
temperature None
top_k None
top_p None