Request for listing TunedModels.

page_size int

Optional. The maximum number of TunedModels to return (per page). The service may return fewer tuned models.

If unspecified, at most 10 tuned models will be returned. This method returns at most 1000 models per page, even if you pass a larger page_size.

page_token str

Optional. A page token, received from a previous ListTunedModels call.

Provide the page_token returned by one request as an argument to the next request to retrieve the next page.

When paginating, all other parameters provided to ListTunedModels must match the call that provided the page token.

filter str

Optional. A filter is a full text search over the tuned model's description and display name. By default, results will not include tuned models shared with everyone.

Additional operators:

  • owner:me
  • writers:me
  • readers:me
  • readers:everyone


"owner:me" returns all tuned models to which caller has owner role "readers:me" returns all tuned models to which caller has reader role "readers:everyone" returns all tuned models that are shared with everyone