The Schema object allows the definition of input and output data types.

These types can be objects, but also primitives and arrays. Represents a select subset of an OpenAPI 3.0 schema object <<a href=""></a>>__.


Required. Data type.

format_ str

Optional. The format of the data. This is used only for primitive datatypes. Supported formats:

for NUMBER type: float, double for INTEGER type: int32, int64

description str

Optional. A brief description of the parameter. This could contain examples of use. Parameter description may be formatted as Markdown.

nullable bool

Optional. Indicates if the value may be null.

enum MutableSequence[str]

Optional. Possible values of the element of Type.STRING with
enum format. For example we can define an Enum Direction as
{type:STRING, format:enum, enum:["EAST", NORTH", "SOUTH", "WEST"]}

Optional. Schema of the elements of Type.ARRAY.

properties MutableMapping[str,]

Optional. Properties of Type.OBJECT.

required MutableSequence[str]

Optional. Required properties of Type.OBJECT.

Child Classes

class PropertiesEntry