Request to generate a text completion response from the model.

model str

Required. The name of the Model or TunedModel to use for generating the completion. Examples: models/text-bison-001 tunedModels/sentence-translator-u3b7m


Required. The free-form input text given to the model as a prompt. Given a prompt, the model will generate a TextCompletion response it predicts as the completion of the input text.

temperature float

Optional. Controls the randomness of the output. Note: The default value varies by model, see the Model.temperature attribute of the Model returned the getModel function.

Values can range from [0.0,1.0], inclusive. A value closer to 1.0 will produce responses that are more varied and creative, while a value closer to 0.0 will typically result in more straightforward responses from the model.

candidate_count int

Optional. Number of generated responses to return.

This value must be between [1, 8], inclusive. If unset, this will default to 1.

max_output_tokens int

Optional. The maximum number of tokens to include in a candidate.

If unset, this will default to output_token_limit specified in the Model specification.

top_p float

Optional. The maximum cumulative probability of tokens to consider when sampling.

The model uses combined Top-k and nucleus sampling.

Tokens are sorted based on their assigned probabilities so that only the most likely tokens are considered. Top-k sampling directly limits the maximum number of tokens to consider, while Nucleus sampling limits number of tokens based on the cumulative probability.

top_k int

Optional. The maximum number of tokens to consider when sampling.

The model uses combined Top-k and nucleus sampling.

Top-k sampling considers the set of top_k most probable tokens. Defaults to 40.

safety_settings MutableSequence[]

Optional. A list of unique SafetySetting instances for blocking unsafe content.

that will be enforced on the GenerateTextRequest.prompt and GenerateTextResponse.candidates. There should not be more than one setting for each SafetyCategory type. The API will block any prompts and responses that fail to meet the thresholds set by these settings. This list overrides the default settings for each SafetyCategory specified in the safety_settings. If there is no SafetySetting for a given SafetyCategory provided in the list, the API will use the default safety setting for that category. Harm categories HARM_CATEGORY_DEROGATORY, HARM_CATEGORY_TOXICITY, HARM_CATEGORY_VIOLENCE, HARM_CATEGORY_SEXUAL, HARM_CATEGORY_MEDICAL, HARM_CATEGORY_DANGEROUS are supported in text service.

stop_sequences MutableSequence[str]

The set of character sequences (up to 5) that will stop output generation. If specified, the API will stop at the first appearance of a stop sequence. The stop sequence will not be included as part of the response.