About the Preview

Welcome to the MediaPipe Solutions Preview. We are excited to see what you develop with this new offering and read your feedback.

On-device machine learning is evolving. Use cases are more complex, potentially requiring numerous multimodal models, domain-specific processes, and tightly integrated pipelines for end-to-end performance. This new MediaPipe Solutions is a unification of several existing tools: MediaPipe Solutions, TensorFlow Lite Task Library, and TensorFlow Lite Model Maker.

MediaPipe Tasks: Low-code API to create and deploy advanced ML solutions across platforms.

  • What's new: goes beyond single model inference with end-to-end optimized pipeline performance
  • What's unchanged: same easy workflow to deploy a solution with a few lines of code

MediaPipe Model Maker: Low-code API to customize solutions using your own data.

  • What's new: refactored to support robust use cases and MediaPipe Studio infrastructure
  • What's unchanged: same easy workflow to customize a model with a few lines of code

MediaPipe Studio: Visualize and benchmark solutions.

  • What's new: new way to upload and visualize supported solutions
  • What's unchanged: built with Google ML expertise for performance and scalability

Explore the examples and start building your ML solutions with the developer guides.

MediaPipe Solutions Preview Terms of Service

Last modified: February 2, 2023

Use of MediaPipe Solutions Preview is subject to the Google APIs Terms of Service, Google API Services User Data Policy, MediaPipe API Terms of Service, and the terms below.

The MediaPipe Solutions Preview is an early release that is subject to the following limitations: it may have limited support, changes may not be compatible with other pre-general availability versions, and availability may change without notice.