AudioData Defines a ring buffer and some utility functions to prepare the input audio samples. 
AudioData.AudioDataFormat Wraps a few constants describing the format of the incoming audio samples, namely number of channels and the sample rate. 
AudioData.AudioDataFormat.Builder Builder for AudioData.AudioDataFormat  
Category Category is a util class, that contains a category name, its display name, a float value as score, and the index of the label in the corresponding label file. 
ClassificationResult Represents the classification results of a model. 
Classifications Represents the list of classification for a given classifier head. 
Connection Value class representing a landmark connection. 
Detection Represents one detected object in the results of ERROR(/
Embedding Represents the embedding for a given embedder head. 
EmbeddingResult Represents the embedding results of a model. 
Landmark Landmark represents a point in 3D space with x, y, z coordinates. 
NormalizedKeypoint Normalized keypoint represents a point in 2D space with x, y coordinates. 
NormalizedLandmark Normalized Landmark represents a point in 3D space with x, y, z coordinates.