Options for the image embedder task.

base_options Base options for the image embedder task.
running_mode The running mode of the task. Default to the image mode. Image embedder task has three running modes: 1) The image mode for embedding image on single image inputs. 2) The video mode for embedding image on the decoded frames of a video. 3) The live stream mode for embedding image on a live stream of input data, such as from camera.
l2_normalize Whether to normalize the returned feature vector with L2 norm. Use this option only if the model does not already contain a native L2_NORMALIZATION TF Lite Op. In most cases, this is already the case and L2 norm is thus achieved through TF Lite inference.
quantize Whether the returned embedding should be quantized to bytes via scalar quantization. Embeddings are implicitly assumed to be unit-norm and therefore any dimension is guaranteed to have a value in [-1.0, 1.0]. Use the l2_normalize option if this is not the case.
result_callback The user-defined result callback for processing live stream data. The result callback should only be specified when the running mode is set to the live stream mode.



l2_normalize None
quantize None
result_callback None
running_mode <VisionTaskRunningMode.IMAGE: 'IMAGE'>