Module: mp.tasks.components.containers

MediaPipe Tasks Components Containers API.


keypoint module: Keypoint data class.


class AudioData: MediaPipe Tasks' audio container.

class AudioDataFormat: Audio format metadata.

class BoundingBox: An integer bounding box, axis aligned.

class Category: A classification category.

class ClassificationResult: Contains the classification results of a model.

class Classifications: Represents the classification results for a given classifier head.

class Detection: Represents one detected object in the object detector's results.

class DetectionResult: Represents the list of detected objects.

class Embedding: Embedding result for a given embedder head.

class EmbeddingResult: Embedding results for a given embedder model.

class Landmark: A landmark that can have 1 to 3 dimensions.

class LandmarksDetectionResult: Represents the landmarks detection result.

class NormalizedLandmark: A normalized version of above Landmark proto.

class NormalizedRect: A rectangle with rotation in normalized coordinates.

class Rect: A rectangle, used as part of detection results or as input region-of-interest.