Options for the face landmarker task.

base_options Base options for the face landmarker task.
running_mode The running mode of the task. Default to the image mode. FaceLandmarker has three running modes: 1) The image mode for detecting face landmarks on single image inputs. 2) The video mode for detecting face landmarks on the decoded frames of a video. 3) The live stream mode for detecting face landmarks on the live stream of input data, such as from camera. In this mode, the "result_callback" below must be specified to receive the detection results asynchronously.
num_faces The maximum number of faces that can be detected by the FaceLandmarker.
min_face_detection_confidence The minimum confidence score for the face detection to be considered successful.
min_face_presence_confidence The minimum confidence score of face presence score in the face landmark detection.
min_tracking_confidence The minimum confidence score for the face tracking to be considered successful.
output_face_blendshapes Whether FaceLandmarker outputs face blendshapes classification. Face blendshapes are used for rendering the 3D face model.
output_facial_transformation_matrixes Whether FaceLandmarker outputs facial transformation_matrix. Facial transformation matrix is used to transform the face landmarks in canonical face to the detected face, so that users can apply face effects on the detected landmarks.
result_callback The user-defined result callback for processing live stream data. The result callback should only be specified when the running mode is set to the live stream mode.



min_face_detection_confidence 0.5
min_face_presence_confidence 0.5
min_tracking_confidence 0.5
num_faces 1
output_face_blendshapes False
output_facial_transformation_matrixes False
result_callback None
running_mode <VisionTaskRunningMode.IMAGE: 'IMAGE'>