File(s) that are downloaded from a url into a local directory.

If is_folder is True:

  1. path should be a folder
  2. url should point to a .tar.gz file which contains a single folder at the root level.

path Relative path in local directory.
url GCS url to download the file(s).
is_folder Whether the path and url represents a folder.



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Gets the path of files saved in a local directory.

If the path doesn't exist, this method will download the file(s) from the provided url. The path is not cleaned up so it can be reused for subsequent calls to the same path. Folders are expected to be zipped in a .tar.gz file which will be extracted into self.path in the local directory.

RuntimeError If the extracted folder does not have a singular root directory.

The absolute path to the downloaded file(s)


is_folder False