Options for search processor.

The index file to search into. Mandatory only if the index is not attached to the output tensor metadata as an AssociatedFile with type SCANN_INDEX_FILE. The index file can be specified by one of the following two ways:

(1) file contents loaded in index_file_content. (2) file path in index_file_name.

If more than one field of these fields is provided, they are used in this precedence order.

index_file_name Path to the index.
index_file_content The index file contents as bytes.
max_results Maximum number of nearest neighbor results to return.



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Creates a SearchOptionsProto object from the given protobuf object.


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Generates a protobuf object to pass to the C++ layer.


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Checks if this object is equal to the given object.

other The object to be compared with.

True if the objects are equal.

index_file_content None
index_file_name None
max_results 5